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Hair Advice + All Things Nice

"I'm growing my hair, but I really want to cut it".. Do you feel me? My name is Leigh Webster & Yes! I feel you!

I'm a Hairstylist & Salon Owner of 11 years. When I'm not doing hair, I'm just like you. You'll see me on my day off without makeup on and hair probably in a top knot.

I am a self confessed Hair Geek & have always wanted to start a Hair Blog. So here I am!

Welcome to my first Hair Blog! I will be regularly sharing Hairstylist hacks + Easy to follow Hair Tutorials; with a side of all things nice.

A Little more about me: When I'm not behind the chair transforming hair, I'm a mum. I have a son Billy (2yrs) & I'm also a proud Frenchie Mum to Willow (3yrs). I am slightly Frenchie obsessed!

Gone are the days of spending an hour getting ready- Now I get minutes!

Speaking of minutes, below you'll find my first video- 'Easy Wave Tutorial'. This is how I wear my hair most days for work.

Hope you enjoy my video! Would love to hear what Hair Hacks you all would like to see. Comment below!



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